The geometry of our rupture discs offers you a valuable innovation: more stable and more durable rupture discs.

By modifying the design of our existing rupture discs, we have made a crucial improvement: Unlike other high pressure rupture discs, the weld seam is not subjected to shear and bending forces – only to pressure. Anyone with a technical knowledge of this area understands that this makes a major difference. Geometrically separating the area under peak stress and the weld seam makes the rupture disc more durable and able to comply with the tightest burst tolerances – tolerances of +/- 3 % and better, depending on the specified burst pressure.

The new HPRD rupture discs provide long-term protection for processes with temperatures up to 752 °F and pressures up to 5000 barg and beyond.

They have already proved themselves under real process conditions and in a wide range of customer applications. These include reactors, autoclaves and compressors in a variety of high pressure processes, such as LDPE production.

High Pressure Rupture Disc
REMBE® high pressure rupture disc

Your advantages

  • Extra long service life even at high temperatures and pressures.
  • Burst tolerance of +/- 3 % prevents premature rupture disc response and thus production standstills.
  • Design can be adapted in your specifications.
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