Q-­FLAP inlet isolation device


Cost-effective Isolation of Dust Collectors, Cyclones and aspiration lines


Q-Flap inlet isolation devices can be used to isolate explosions effectively in virtually all industries. Q-Flap is suitable for use in aspiration filter suction lines and horizontal pipes.

Additional applications:

  • Explosion isolation of dry separators (e.g. in the wood processing industry, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in grinding GRP components, for paint dusts, for blasting machines)
  • Special applications, such as suction extraction in mills
Explosion isolation Q-Flap
The Q-Flap inlet isolation device can be opened completely to provide quick access for maintenance without removal of the unit.



Normal operation
The flap is mounted on the intake side and kept open during normal operation by the flow of process air. In the event of an explosion, the flap closes under its own weight and is locked in place by the locking unit. When the plant starts up again, the flap is opened in a controlled manner by the locking unit.


Explosion event
When an explosion occurs, the flap is closed by the pressure front that spreads through the duct. The explosion can spread no further through the pipe. Staff working at capturing points or system components beyond the valve flap are protected against the effects of the explosion. The flap locking unit prevents the flap from re-opening shortly after the explosion due to the low pressure created in its aftermath.

Your advantages

  • Certified safety: The first inlet isolating device for isolating explosions of organic dusts to be certified in accordance with EN 16447.
  • Full opening of the inspection flap provides quick access for maintenance without the complete removal of the unit.
  • Flexible use in your process: Q-Flap is available for all standard nominal widths up to DN 1000.
  • Optional: Integration of a wear and tear monitoring function offers increased safety and improved monitoring capability.




EC type examination
certificate no.
FTZÚ 07 ATEX 008 X




Q-Flap Explosion Isolation
Q-Flap Explosion Isolation
Explosion isolation Q-Flap opened
Q-Flap Explosion Isolation
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