Isolation with explosion safety valve VENTEX® 

VENTEX® explosion isolation valves provide another option for explosion isolation.

These valves can be controlled with or without external energy and offer simple and reliable explosion protection due to their extremely low response pressure and ease of maintenance.


VENTEX® can be used in plants that process combustible dusts (incl. metal dusts), gases or hybrid mixtures.

Common application areas include the pharmaceutical industry, chemical/petrochemical companies and research laboratories.

Explosion isolation VENTEX
VENTEX® – the ideal explosion safety valve for combustible dusts.


Example using the VENTEX® ESI-E/D: Explosion isolation valve as a one-way or two-way acting system without external energy.


Idle state

When there is no flow of air, the closing device is in the open position.





Normal operation 

Air flows around the open closing device.





Explosion event

The pressure wave pushes the closing device against a seal, locking the valve and effectively preventing the spread of flames and pressure.

Your advantages

  • Low response pressure
  • Short mounting distance



EC type examination
certificate no.
FSA 12 ATEX 1623 X




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