Grounding clamps avoid accidents caused by electrostatic discharge


Approved and reliable grounding clamps are characterized by high clamping forces that can easily penetrate through existing insulating layers including dirt, grease and paint. This establishes an effective metal-to-metal connection and guarantees secure grounding. 

The best grounding clamp is useless if it's not available at the right moment. Unfortunately grounding clamps and associated cables are often used/misused for other purposes in practice, and are then no longer available for their required purpose. Therefore, regularly check whether your employees have access to intact grounding rollers, cables and brackets.

Ordering information for clamps

TypeOrder No.Technical dataCertificationLengthMaterialApplication
Smart ClampSC-41

2 oppositely positioned teeth Opening width: 20 mm

EX II 2 GD T6 / 80 °C115mmCast aluminiumSmall barrels
Medium ClampMC-45-W2 teeth positioned next to each other: 15 mm

EX II 2 GD T6 / 80 °C140mmStainless steelMedium-sized barrels, smaller equipment
Big ClampBC-90-W2 teeth positioned next to each other
: 40 mm

EX II 2 GD T6 / 80 °C230mmStainless steelBarrels, vehicles
Big Clamp Cling onBC-04-WRow of teeth (Trident)

Opening width: 42 mm

EX II 2 GD T6 / 80 °C150mmStainless steelTubes and rods
Aircraft  ClampAC-42Opening width: 18 mmUS-Militärnorm NSN#5999-00-134-5844, MIL M834134/7-1; EX II 2 GD T6 / 80 °C115mmDie-cast aluminiumAircraft, tanker vehicles
Sparksafe® (mit 2,5 oder 5 m Spiralkabel)SparkSafe®2 oppositely positioned teeth

Opening width: 30 mm

150mmConductive plasticBarrels and pumps
FIBC ClampFC-43Opening width: 18 mmEX II 2 GD T6 / 80 °C110mmDie-cast aluminiumBig Bags Typ "C"
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