Electrostatic charge

Potential ignition source and latent danger for companies

The causes of electrostatic charging on systems and devices are different: Fundamentally, there is a distinction between the movement of solid and liquid surfaces against each other, the separation between solid surfaces, electrostatic induction, liquid atomization, and solidification potential. Consistent grounding monitoring can protect from this danger.

Protection: Potential equalization for tank vehicles and trucks

The driver of a tank truck delivers raw materials to a chemical factory. The loading station is equipped with simple grounding clamps, which the driver uses. He carefully attaches the grounding clamps to his tank vehicle. Unfortunately he decides to use a plastic part on the chassis of his trailer for this. The vehicle is completely ungrounded. During unloading the vehicle is charged electrostatically, and a strong discharge occurs which could lead to the ignition of an explosive mixture.

Solution: Grounding monitoring

With the grounding monitoring device FARADO®, it is possible to indicate the functioning potential equalization through an extremely bright illuminated LED signal. Furthermore, the switching outputs can be used to actuate certain components, for example, to switch pumps on or off. Dangerous, charge-generating processes can therefore be stopped immediately.

Avoid ignition sources through permanent grounding monitoring!

Grounding monitoring device FARADO®


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