Q-Rohr® DFE - Flameless Explosion Venting for exhaust ducts of Dual-Fuel Engines

New IMO regulations, new challenges


The situation
The next phase of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) emission regulations for shipping intends to reduce the permitted sulphur and nitrogen content of fuel from the current level of 3.5 % to a level of 0.5 % in 2020. Due to the IMO tier 2 and 3 regulations, the shipping industry will increasingly be required to use alternative sources of propulsion such as ­dual-fuel engines and LNG-powered plants.

Flameless venting Q-Rohr DFE For ship engines
Q-Rohr® DFE: the most cost-effective protection solution for Dual-Fuel Engines.

The challenge
When an engine is running on gas, a fault in the engine can allow a ­flammable mixture of gas and oxygen to occur in the exhaust system. In the worst case scenario, this could ignite and cause an explosion. The result would be a failure of the drive system and electrical power supply. Essential instruments such as radios, radar and navigation equipment could be adversely affected. In ­addition, exploding sections of the plant would create a serious risk of injury to persons working in the engine room.

Q-Rohr® DFE

REMBE® has used its many years of experience in explosion safety to develop a system specifically for Dual-Fuel Engines. It is lightweight and has a compact design that provides ­outstanding levels of safety.

Q-Rohr® DFE permits flameless explosion venting in the ship’s hull and thus protects the surrounding area against the ­consequences of an explosion. The ship can return to normal operations very quickly after an explosion occurs.

Q-Rohr® DFE

The compact, lightweight design of Q-Rohr® DFE enables it to be installed even in confined spaces.

Your advantages

  • Maritime class certification in accordance with DNV-GL, LR, BV, ABS.
  • Rapid restart of operations.
  • Flameless pressure venting in the ship’s hull.
  • 100 % seal tightness, to eliminate danger of asphyxiation.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • 100 % venting efficiency.
  • Customized opening pressure.
  • 100 % stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
  • Connection flange in accordance with DIN 86044.
  • Minimal maintenance required, visual inspection by a technician is sufficient.
  • REMBE® stainless steel mesh design ensures a high level of noise ­reduction ­during normal operation and in the event of an explosion.


DE 38 22 12;
US 7,905,244


Flameless venting Q-Rohr DFE onshore
Q-Rohr® DFE: the most cost-effective protection solution for Dual-Fuel Engines.
Flameless venting Q-Rohr DFE offshore on a ship engine
New emissions regulations:
Current diesel engines will soon have to be switched to alternative fuels.
Technical Data
Technical information and measurements Q-Rohr®
Q-Rohr® DFE Technical data in accordance with DIN 86044 Series 1/Series 2
max. H
max. C
Ø D [mm]k [mm]Ø d2 [mm] b [mm]No. of bolts
Recommended bolts
Series 1Series 2Series 1Series 2Series 1Series 2Series 1Series 2Series 1Series 2Series 1Series 2
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