Accessories for your explosion vents

Signaling units from REMBE®

Signaling units enable you to shut down a plant quickly in the event of an explosion and also trigger isolation systems which protect adjacent parts of the plant. Automated processes also use intelligent signaling systems to monitor the status of the entire plant and any disruptions that occur. This is not just essential in venting ducts, it can also play an important role in free venting.

Signaling units can be retrofitted onto either round or rectangular vents that have already been installed. For evaluation of the signals, we offer isolation amplifiers with relay outputs, which guarantee an intrinsically safe closed-circuit current. The potential-free relay contact ensures that the plant is deactivated safely and the alarm functions correctly.

SK signaling unit

This signaling unit uses the closed-circuit current principle. A signaling cable is integrated onto the explosion vent during the manufacturing process to create a highly reliable unit. When the explosion vent opens, the signaling cable circuit is interrupted.

Signaling device SK for rupture discs and explosion vents
SK signaling unit

RSK signaling unit

The RSK signaling unit can be retrofitted to either round or rectangular explosion vents. The signaling cable is fixed in position over the breaking point of the explosion vent. When the explosion vent opens, the RSK signaling cable circuit is interrupted.

Signaling device RSK for rupture discs and explosion vents
RSK signaling unit

BIRD signaling unit

The BIRD signaling unit contains a ceramic bar with integrated electrical conductors. When the explosion vent opens, the circuit breaks. The standard version of the BIRD unit can withstand temperatures of up to 302°F. A high temperature version, which is resistant up to 752°F, is also available. The device is mounted using a stainless steel angle and mounting frame.

Signaling device BIRD for rupture discs and explosion vents
BIRD signaling unit

Additional accessories for explosion venting with explosion vents

Mounting frame and flange

Galvanized or stainless steel.

Weather resistant insulation

Prevent condensation, improve thermal insulation and reduce noise emissions. Thermal insulation products reduce expensive energy and temperature losses from the protected vessels and prevent condensation-related product build-up.

A range of gaskets for all process conditions

For example, for high temperature or sterile requirements

KAD: Weather cover for vent pipes/ducts

Reliable protection against penetration by snow, rain and dust with a low response pressure. Also reduces noise during normal operation.

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