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Dedicated to Providing You with Top of the Line Service Every Time!

Dedicated to Providing You with Top of the Line venting, explosion protection, and process safety products and service Every Time!

REMBE® Inc. is dedicated to providing you with high quality explosion protection, venting, pressure and vacuum relief solutions for your application, every time — and high quality service too!

REMBE® Inc. has dedicated Sales Representatives who are prepared to assist you with analyzing your explosion venting situation and developing the best and most cost-effective solutions.

In addition, our network of independent experts throughout the country are ready to assist you with lab-testing, risk analysis, engineering and design and, ultimately, with developing several alternative recommendations for resolution of your specific project or venting, isolation, or process safety concern. You can then make a decision based on the best information and resources available to implement a customized and effective explosion protection or process safety solution.

Once you have made a venting, isolation, or pressure relief product selection, your REMBE® Inc. Sales Representative can assist you with installation, testing and training, if needed, so you and your employees are able to maximize the benefits of your new REMBE® Inc. Explosion protection and/or process safety equipment systems.

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