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I enjoy getting up every morning because I never feel like I have to go to work. Rather, it feels to me as if I am spending time with family and friends. The fact that I also have nice customers, who I can protect with safety products, makes my job a vocation.

Nadja Dückmann

For me, working for REMBE® means accepting technical as well as commercial challenges. What motivates me: The great teamwork

Jannik Janßen

The future needs an origin!
Our team - the right mix of local and international, young and old colleagues - ensures more safety for our customers worldwide every day. It is a hell of a good feeling to be part of this team and to have a real life mission.

Mariana Lottermann

Safety is defined as “the condition of being protected from danger, risk, or injury”.
Our grand vision is to guarantee safety to anyone exposed to the explosion risk.  
The magic part of our job comes every time we transform this vision into reality.

Francesca Vincenzi

After completing my doctorate, I was looking for a real challenge and I found it: The combination of diverse tasks and often complex problems paired with our international customers are what fascinates me every day. The support of our dedicated team always gives me the right support.

Nina Fietz

I have been working on explosion protection for almost 20 years and still am fascinated. As a family man,  my daily work gives me a good feeling, because I can contribute to the protection of people with my experience. At REMBE®, the motto "Safety is for life" is not just a slogan .... it is our DNA.

Carlo Saling

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