Environmental protection

Bhopal, Chernobyl, Seveso, Fukushima are synonyms for industrial environmental disasters that occurred in the past decades - with devastating consequences

All of these could have been avoided with well thought-out and reliable safety technology. REMBE® products can help with this.

But the fact that our ideas, safety concepts and products already protect human lives and the environment is not enough for us.

REMBE® would not be REMBE® if we do not think outside the box,

  • about how we can improve ourselves
  • place an even greater emphasis on environmental aspects in our performance towards our customers and partners,
  • how we can make the performance of our customers and partners more efficient and at the same time more environmentally friendly,
  • how we can make our small but yet subtle contribution to the preservation of this planet by using natural resources responsibly. For this purpose we have established the initiative REMBE® green.






But we are able to achieve the greatest effect in terms of environmental protection by doing what we have been doing successfully for more than 45 years even more intensively and sustainably: Develop and manufacture safety devices for the industry that not only provide a professional protection for our customer’s facilities and machinery, but also prevent environmentally harmful emissions, eliminate leakages sustainably and/or mitigate noise pollution.

REMBE® rupture discs and explosion safety systems secure processes worldwide and in all industries, thereby every day contributing to making this planet safer:

For people and for nature. For life. Safety is for life.TM

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