Our mission: your safety

Operational safety is an important responsibility. In fact, it’s a mission to which we’ve dedicated ourselves wholeheartedly for over 45 years now. Throughout the world our experts have a single aim – to provide the best possible protection for your systems and processes.

You’ll benefit from our decades of experience, which ensures that you always receive an honest analysis and products of the highest quality. Working diligently and responsibly, our attention is fully focused on the customized optimization of your routines, manufacturing processes and products.

Choosing REMBE®®  means opting for the highest standard of safety.

You will always have the support of our experts in matters of process safety and explosion protection technology - 24/7, all year round. That's our promise!



We don’t just work at our desks. We also work at your premises.

Each production facility is different and has different requirements. This is why our experts look closely at your entire plant with you to determine what’s genuinely reasonable and what will be the best solution for you. It’s your best investment in safety.

Solutions off-the-shelf? Not from REMBE®.

Once we’ve looked at all the relevant documents, we will identify all the existing gaps in your explosion risk management plan and create a cost-effective safety policy for you that is precisely suited for your company.



We don’t just make recommendations. We give you the best solution.

From the drawing board to production: you will have a safety system that is specifically tailored to your processes and operational requirements.

Whether it’s explosion protection or process safety, our engineering ensures that you receive the best solution every time.



Our products are not just excellent. They are certified.

Good is never good enough for us. And so we continuously put ourselves to the test. The result is safety products licensed under globally recognized and industry-specific standards and regulations.

Moreover, we are the first company worldwide to offer SIL-equivalent parameters for mechanical (flameless) explosion venting products and their appropriate signaling units.

This high quality standard makes perfect economic sense for you. Our extensive product range ensures that you always receive the most cost-effective and reliable solution for your needs.

We take responsibility for the big picture. With REMBE® you get everything from a single source, thus ensuring a cost-effective, safe solution.



Downtime costs money. Our service never stands still – throughout the world.

From start-up to regular maintenance – we ensure that your production runs smoothly and without disruptions. All the products we produce can be identified by their batch and serial numbers for many decades, allowing exact reproduction.

REMBE® speaks your language.

Our global network of offices and our many international experts guarantee that we understand you and your needs. Just give us a call.  

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