Rupture discs for cryostats, transport containers and storage of cryogenic gases or supercold liquids

Cryostats: Pressure protection of the inner and outer boiler / vessel

REMBE® rupture discs protect various cryostat and transport containers around the world from unacceptable overpressure and vacuum caused by malfunctions, such as failure of the control valve, uncontrolled heat rise or vacuum collapse.

REMBE® rupture discs can protect the following types of cryostats 

  • Bath cryostats
  • Mixing cryostats
  • Evaporation cryostats

With the following cooling media:

  • Hydrogen
  • Helium
  • Neon
  • Nitrogen 

REMBE® rupture discs also protect transport and storage containers / tanks for cryogenic liquids and cryogenic gases worldwide against unacceptable overpressure and vacuum.  

REMBE® protected (cryogenic) containers can be found in research and development, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for the cooling of superconductors with helium in the medical technology field (MRI), in particle accelerators, simulation chambers, infrared sensors, liquefied petroleum gas containers, grinders, crushers and autoclaves in the aerospace industry.

Also: Undulators, generators for power plants and shipping, nuclear fusion technology, plasma research, mass spectrometers

The use of a REMBE® rupture discs guarantees you

  • The lowest leakage rates (min. <10^-7 mbar l/s), even at very low burst pressures
  • Individual connections
  • Full vacuum resistance, also with ultra-high vacuum
  • Reliable pressure relief at the defined set burst pressure: No icing

Rupture disc vs. safety valve - if you have to decide which to  use in facility

Depending on the cooling medium used, an icing of the valve is possible when a safety valve is used. This means that opening at the previously defined burst pressure is no longer ensured. If the implementation of a safety valve is imperative due to the process, the safety valve should be protected by an upstream REMBE® rupture disc, or a secondary pressure relief (rupture disc) could be used.

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