Explosion Protection in wood processing Industries

You cannot have wood processing without creating dust, so cost effective Explosion Protection is a must! Typical wood processes include the following equipment in varying quantities and arrangements: silos, filters, conveyor systems, screens, dryers, mills, classifiers, cyclones and elevators.  

Past explosion events have clearly shown the fatal consequences of insufficient explosion protection.

REMBE® has set itself the goal of preventing such catastrophes in the future. Through individually developed protection concepts and a worldwide network of experts. 

Whether you manufacture pellets, wood chips, chipboards, MDF or OSB panels, or even operate a saw mill. With more than 45 years of experience in the field of Explosion Protection for wood processing plants, you will receive a reliable and economical protection concept Made in Germany.

The overall picture counts:

The protection of individual system components is only as good as the protection of the entire system. To insure you have a safe and economical Explosion Protection plan, your total system must be examined and protected.

Pay particular attention that there are sufficient isolation devices. Also, guard against “over engineering”.

We offer you comprehensive protection plans and on-site consulting, so you can implement organizational measures to achieve a greater degree of safety.

REMBE explosion vent EGV
REMBE® explosion vent EGV on biomass silo
REMBE explosion vent EGV
REMBE® explosion vent ODV on chip bunker in wood industry
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