Explosion protection for screens

Screens and sifters usually do not develop any internal ignition sources - explosion protection is, therefore, hardly ever required despite the extremely high probability of explosive mixtures developing within the screens and sifters.

But note: If screens and dryers are used in processes such as spray dryers in the dairy industry, drum dryers in the wood industry or electric dryers in the starch industry, screens can often be an extremely dangerous combination. The vibrating and rotational movement of the screens can expose hidden embers that might develop in dryers and lead to an explosion, because the glowing embers often survive the mechanical conveyors without igniting there.

The vibrating motions of the screens require individual dampening solutions for the explosion protection equipment. REMBE®engineers have experience with this type of process, having protected hundreds of screens worldwide. You can therefore completely rely on our know-how!

The overall picture counts:

The protection of individual system components is only as good as the protection of the entire system. To insure you have a safe and economical Explosion Protection plan, your total system must be examined and protected.

Pay particular attention that there are sufficient isolation devices. Also, guard against “over engineering”.

We offer you comprehensive protection plans and on-site consulting, so you can implement organizational measures to achieve a greater degree of safety.

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