Explosion Protection for breweries

Beer - America´s favorite drink. There is a risk of a combustible dust explosion during the production process, notably during the delivery, cleaning and weighing, grinding and storage of grain, hops and malt. This mainly refers to elevators, silos, mills and the associated funnels, cyclones and filters.

Depending on the location and size, explosion vents, Q-Box (flameless explosion venting) and chemical barriers are used for elevators.

How to properly protect mills, silos, filters and cyclones in breweries, can be read here:

Flameless venting Q-Rohr<sup>®</sup>
Flameless venting Q-Rohr® on vertical hammermill for grain

The overall picture counts:

The protection of individual system components is only as good as the protection of the entire system. To insure you have a safe and economical explosion protection plan, your total system must be examined and protected.

Pay particular attention that there are sufficient isolation devices. Also, guard against “over engineering”. 

We offer you comprehensive protection plans and on-site consulting, so you can implement organizational measures to achieve a greater degree of safety.

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