Signaling Units

A disc that has ruptured must be detected in some way. Either the disc has opened completely or it has lifted to release a small amount of pressure or vacuum, doing exactly what it was designed to do to protect the application, and needing to “communicate” what has happened. Several different methods of signaling are available. These systems are either integrated into the rupture discs or are signaling units that can be retrofitted.

The basic principle behind signaling units is the need to have an intrinsically safe, low voltage power circuit that is interrupted when a rupture disc bursts. A power circuit is interrupted by either, 1) tearing a smart wire, 2) tearing thin foil or 3) breaking a special detection pin. This signal may transmit to a local control panel, a monitoring system or simply trigger an alert or alarm device.

These signaling devices have been designed with hazardous areas in mind and are suitable for use in such areas.

REMBE® signaling rupture discs can also be used to detect leaks, especially in combination with safety valves. The signaling rupture discs can be placed either in front of the valve or behind. 



REMBE® NIMU:  Non-Invasive Signaling Unit

REMBE®'s wide-ranging product line-up of signaling devices has now been enhanced even further with the REMBE® NIMU or Non-invasive monitoring unit.  NIMU is a non-invasive rupture disc monitoring unit which provides reliable information about the way a rupture disc responds to positive and negative pressure.

NIMU is installed in a blind tapping in the outlet section of the rupture disc holder, thus isolating it from the process medium.  This signaling method is particularly suited for critical processes and applications which require the entire system to be completely impermeable. 


NIMU is a reusable monitoring system!  After a ruptrue disc has opened, only the ruture disc itself must be replaced.  Should the NIMU need to be serviced or replaced, this can be easily done without opening the pipeline. NIMU is based on tried and tested, intrinsically safe, closed circuit technology so it can be easily integrated into an existing process control system, using terminal boxes and isolating amplifiers. Moreover, it meets all certification and zoning requirements.   




Integrated Systems


With our SK/SR/SNR integrated systems, the signaling cable and the rupture disc are one unit. The signaling cable is positioned at the breaking point of the rupture disc. If the rupture disc opens, the safe circuit is interrupted due to the cable break. This signaling system has proven itself to be a very reliable method, since there is no additional assembly required and no movable parts.




The BIRD signaling unit is suitable for retrofitting already installed rupture discs or panels that are part of your explosion protection system. A ceramic bar with electrical conductors is mounted in the flow direction. If the disc or panel ruptures, the ceramic bar breaks and the safe circuit is interrupted.



Separate Signaling Membranes


SB(S) signaling membranes can also be used to detect leakages, especially in combination with safety valves, either in front of the valve or behind.


FOS Fiber Optic Signaling Rupturing Disc

The FOS Fiber Optic Signaling rupture discs are designed to generate an optical signal, should a rupture disc burst, and send it to the process monitoring unit via EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) and high voltage insensitive fiber optic cables for evaluation. When the signaling FOS disc is set in motion, the luminous flux is interrupted due to the tear of the optical fiber. The FOA, or fiber optic evaluation unit, immediately provides an electrical signal for optical or acoustic alert that can also be used for further data processing. If necessary, several signaling rupture discs can be interconnected, forming an optical chain, so that only one FOA is required for evaluation.

  • suitable for use in hazardous areas (Ex) since no electricity is at site
  • disturbance-free signal transmission


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REMBE® products are manufactured in accordance with IAW National and International Certifications, Standards and Norms (i.e., NFPA, ASME VIII, ATEX, DIN-EN ISO 4126-2, - 4126-6, AD2000-Merkblatt A1, PED, Promtomnadzor, GOST-R, GOST-K, CML, API, BS2915, KTA). The company is certified according to DIN-EN ISO 9001:2008.