other Rupture Discs For Conventional and special applications; BREATHER VALVES

The REMBE® rupture disc product range is continuously evolving in order to provide new rupture discs for both conventional and specialty applications. Reliable pressure relief at a predetermined pressure is guaranteed. These rupture discs are suitable for general process applications with varying pressures and vacuum, as well as applications in aerospace, hydraulic, cryogenic, pharmaceutical, medical technology and others industries where compact protection against pressure combined with easy handling is essential.

More and more testing plants including nuclear power laboratories, as well as the aviation and aerospace industries, use rupture discs for pressure and vacuum relief. Often other pressure safety devices are too big, too unreliable and too expensive.


IKB® Reverse Acting Rupture Disc


The IKB® rupture disc was developed to provide reliable protection against excessive overpressure and vacuum in equipment used in applications with medium to high pressures: gas vapor, liquids, (if there is a gas cushion upstream of the rupture disc) as well as for isolating safety valves.  Kinetic energy is "stored" in the IKB® reverse acting rupture disc.  When the burst pressure is reached , IKB transforms this energy and instantaniously gives full bore opening as the energy is released.  This technology eliminates the need for pre-weakened scores or space-consuming downstream knives, resulting in extreme reliability and durability.  The IKB can be deployed in sterile applications, in pressurized facilities in the pharmaceutical industry and in process equipment found in the chemical and petrochemical industry.  The IKB safeguards pressure apparatus such as tanks, piping and reactors. 



More information about   IKB® Reverse Acting Rupture Disc




BT Conventional Domed Rupture Disc


The BT domed rupture discs are used for protection mainly in applications with middle and high burst pressures. The burst pressure is determined by the tensile strength and the thickness of the tension-loaded metal membrane. The maximum allowable operating pressure is 70% of the specified burst pressure. For middle burst pressures and in case of vacuum conditions, the rupture discs must be equipped with integrated vacuum support (BT-VSI). This protects the burst element from fatigue failure.




Triple-layer Rupture Disc


BT-ODV-F (L) Triple-layer rupture discs are used for low pressures of up to 14.5 psig (0.1 bar). The BT-ODV is suitable for gases and liquids. The V-version is also vacuum resistant. The BT-ODV is an extremely reliable disc even under pulsating or changing pressure conditions because burst pressure and vacuum resistance are functionally dispersed. The extremely stable construction allows for easy handling. The F-version is installed between regular flanges, the FL-version between angular frames and rings.



Star-shaped Opening Rupture Disc

STAR rupture discs are applicable for nearly all pressure ranges and can be installed upstream of safety valves (low fragmentation potential). STAR rupture discs are manufactured in standard sizes ranging from 1” to 24”. Experienced REMBE® specialists optimally adjust the mode of opening according to each customer’s specifications by means of precise, computer-controlled manufacturing. With increased operating ratios of up to 80%, the customer benefits from optimized production processes.



UKB-LS Compact Rupture Disc

UKB-LS rupture discs are suited for applications in the aerospace, hydraulic, cryogenic, pharmaceutical and medical industries as well as in those industries where a compact pressure safety device providing the lowest possible weight and easy handling is required.

The UKB-LS compact rupture discs consists of a reverse acting membrane that is gas-tight welded via laser or micro-welding.

The UKB-LS can meet critical requirements such as being leak-proof (Helium), clean-room demands, and all-metal design specifications even at low burst pressures.

A special design for food and pharmaceutical applications is also available.

When NASA needed a light-weight, easy- to-handle bursting disc, they decided on the REMBE® UKB-LS to meet their requirements!

In addition to many available sizes, the UKB-LS rupture discs are manufactured according to a customer’s specifications. Material selection is made in consultation with our clients, depending on the required bursting pressure, temperature and corrosion resistance.


  • Maintenance free
  • Easy installation
  • Rupture pressures from 300 mbar (4.35 psi) to 500 bar (7,250 psi)
  • Sizes from ½ “ to 24”
  • Torque independent


Rupture disc with high gas tightness, e.g. for cryogenic systems Reverse acting UKB-LS with guaranteed helium tightness. Rupture disc for cryogenic application
Rupture discs manufactured to precise customer specifications



Extruder Rupture Discs

For the plastics processing industry, REMBE® offers extruder rupture disc units for safeguarding both extruders and molding machines against pressure.

Rupture pressures are determined in accordance with individual application specifications. Pressures of up to thousands of psi and temperatures of 1,112º F are possible.

Extruders are produced with tolerances +/- 10%. Contact us if you require lower tolerances.

Integral signaling units are available as options with these specialty rupture discs.


  • Easy installation
  • Tag number hard stamped
  • Pressures from 30 bar (435 psi)
  • Up to 7000 bar (100000 psi)
  • Sizes DN 4 (1/8”) to DN 200 (8”)
  • standard tolerance ± 10 %


Bursting discs for compressed air systems Extruder rupture disc with signaling unit Rupture discs for hydraulic systems
Extruder Rupture discs Rupture discs for compressed air systems



GRD Graphite Rupture Discs

for low and intermediate pressure and aggressive media


The GRD-series is perfectly suited for protection in corrosive and low-pressure processes. Though low in cost, the GRD graphite rupture discs offer a wide range of features, such as the patented Teflon-sintered design for ultimate protection and the two-way performance for bidirectional operation. Other versions of the GRD line of rupture discs include the duplex-type rupture disc with an additional liner to resist oxidizing agents and halogens and the inverted-type disc for burst pressures of up to 69 PSI. Temperatures can range up to 700° F, while the MOR is 90%. All GRD-series rupture discs are available in sizes ranging from ½” to 24” and can be accompanied by an ASME and UD-stamp.



ELEVENT® Breather Valves


The unique ELEVENT®valve design, with its deep-drawn, stainless steel housing, modular assembly and interchangeable components, provides an optimized protection solution for low-pressure applications.

Set pressures range from 2 mbar (0.3 psi) to 200 mbar (2.0 psi). The ELEVENT® provides advanced seal technology and extreme stability despite its low weight. The uncomplicated assembly of the breather valve and the very easy disassembly process by means of clamp body connections are additional features of the ELEVENT®.

The optimized “air cushion“ sealing concept applied to ELEVENT® provides for smoother breather valve stroke and re-seating during operation and prevents valve flutter and wear.  

  • 2 mbar (0.3 psi) to 200 mbar (2.0 psi)                                
  • Advanced seal technology
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Extremely stable though light in weight
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Keeps inerted systems safe, tight and economical


  • HALAR-coating, special materials like Hastelloy C -276 / C-22 for total corrosion resistance
  • Individual sizes, set pressure and connection flanges on request
  • Heated version available



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REMBE® products are manufactured in accordance with IAW National and International Certifications, Standards and Norms (i.e., NFPA, ASME VIII, ATEX, DIN-EN ISO 4126-2, - 4126-6, AD2000-Merkblatt A1, PED, Promtomnadzor, GOST-R, GOST-K, CML, API, BS2915, KTA). The parent company is certified according to DIN-EN ISO 9001:2008.