KUB® Rupture Discs for Pressure and Vacuum Relief

KUB® (Pat. 4041636.4-12) Reverse Buckling-Pin Rupture Disc

In 1774, Leonard Euler developed the buckling-pin formula. His aid was his knowledge of mathematics. In 1991, REMBE® introduced the patented KUB® reverse buckling pin rupture disc. This time, the aid was the ultra-modern laser cutting technology which made it possible to incorporate the buckling pins into the dome of the rupture discs.

High-tech manufacturing enables 0% tolerance in KUB® reverse buckling pin rupture discs. Unlike standard rupture discs, the KUB® rupture disc has two layers: 1) the process layer, consisting of an integrated convex, smooth sealing-membrane that protects 2) the second layer, the buckling pin element, from corrosion.

Based on the unique construction of the KUB® rupture disc, the response pressure is precisely determined by the buckling pin formula and independent of material thickness. The KUB® rupture disc is applicable over a wider range of temperatures than conventional reverse rupture discs. Also, there is no need for auxiliary constructions like knife blades, lines or scorings.

The very latest production technology allows precise machining of whatever material is used for the rupture discs without changing the microstructure. REMBE® is thus able to build rugged KUB® rupture discs with low burst pressures in small sizes. Working pressure may run up to 98% of the burst pressure and makes the KUB® the best solution for many process applications. Due to the convex construction, absolute vacuum resistance is always guaranteed. The KUB® rupture disc is maintenance-free, economical and protects process equipment from explosion damage.

The novel self-tightening, bite-edge rupture discs’ seat and the smooth convex KUB® seal makes the KUB® the ideal rupture disc for aseptic and sanitary use as well.

KUB® rupture discs are fully torque independent. Torque of the flange bolts is only defined by the sealing and pressure stage requirements. The KUB® can be installed using the special KUB® holder unit or, at low to medium pressures, directly between standard DIN or ANSI flanges without specially trained personnel.

The KUB® holder unit is specifically designed to not affect pressure flow, should the KUB® rupture, since the inner diameter of the holder unit is slightly larger than that of the tube. The KUB® can turn down completely and clear the whole diameter fragmentation free.

KUB® rupture discs offer you a high degree of reliability and protection. Preliminary failures due to fatigue are eliminated and undesirable plant breakdowns or toxic emissions are no longer a threat to you and your staff.

The KUB® has continuously been improved to expand the range of applications. It sets the benchmark for handling and function. Only with the unique KUB® system are you able to protect your plant even at mid- to low-burst pressures. Constant burst pressure, long service life and high operating ratios are guaranteed.

The KUB® is available from 1” to 32” and is manufactured according to well-known international guidelines including, ASME, DIN-EN ISO 4126-2,-6, AD2000-Merkblatt A1, PED, Promatomnadzor, GOST, CRC, API, BS2915, KTA. It is tested either according to PED 97/23/EGModul B or ASME requirements.

Experienced plant operators comment on the KUB® reverse buckling-pin rupture disc: “Never before has a bursting disc governed such a wide burst range and application spectrum with the same sturdiness and service life as the KUB®.”

  • KUB With HolderKUBTorque independent
  • No fragmentation
  • Full discharge capacity
  • Suitable for most gases, vapors and liquids
  • Burst element isolated from process
  • Smooth-sterile convex membrane
  • Universal use for gases and liquids



KUB® V-Series Rupture Disc for In-Site Testing of Safety Valves

KUB®-V-Series provides significant benefits in application. By putting the space between a disc and safety valve slowly under pressure, the valve can be checked in situ for leakage or smooth performance. The unique durability of the KUB®-V-Series against back pressure is achieved by modifying the proven KUB® double-layer design and will never be obtained by single-layer or pre-weakened rupture discs.

Due to special reinforcements of the second protecting layer, the V-Series withstands twice the pressure in reverse direction as it does in venting direction. Even after multiple valve-testing performances, the durability of the rupture disc remains unchanged.


  • KUB With HolderEasy and safe installation
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Extended valve durability



Step1 Step2 Step3
Step 1: Normal operation. Vessel under working pressure. Step 2: Test operation. Chamber in-between pressurized with test pressure. Step 3: Test operation, safety valve responds, function/leakage testing finalized.



KUB with holder and after rupture

KUB® G-Series Rupture Disc for Geothermal Applications

The KUB® G-Series is the world’s first rupture disc tailored to the challenging demands of geothermal applications. For these applications, the endurance of a rupture disc is defined by extreme temperatures and ongoing corrosion. Special finishing technologies of the KUB® G-Series withstand these aggressive effects and double the lifetime of the rupture disc.

  • Specifically designed for geothermal applications
  • Quick installation
  • No special tools required




TC(R)-KUB® Rupture Disc for Tri-Clamp Connectors

The TC(R)-KUB® was specifically developed for pressure protection under aseptic and sterile conditions such as pharmaceutical, biotechnical and food industry applications. The particularly stable and robust construction of the TC(R)-KUB® enables safe and easy installation.

Due to the integration of the KUB® into a clamp sealing ring, the rupture disc can now be installed into standard clamp pipe connections. The TCR-KUB® is fitted with an integrated PTFE-gasket (FDA conformity and USPS Class VI) that can be renewed on demand.


  • Designed for application in the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and food industries
  • Sterility is safeguarded
  • Direct mount between clamp fittings


ZW Two-Way Rupture Disc

The ZW bi-directional rupture disc was brought to life by combining KUB® technology and the proven triple-section bursting disc design, both invented and innovated by REMBE®

The ZW bi-directional-acting rupture disc fulfils the same protection function of two rupture discs, but only requires one point of installation. It protects against inadmissible pressure in one direction and against inadmissible vacuum in the opposite direction. Due to its construction, the two-in-one rupture disc provides stability and robustness. It is maintenance-free, even at low-response pressures. The ZW opens in both directions and is fragmentation free. The ZW rupture disc is used for liquid and gaseous media.

  • Easy and safe mounting
  • No special tools required
  • Reduced operational costs




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REMBE® products are manufactured in accordance with IAW National and International Certifications, Standards and Norms (i.e., NFPA, ASME VIII, ATEX, DIN-EN ISO 4126-2, - 4126-6, AD2000-Merkblatt A1, PED, Promtomnadzor, GOST-R, GOST-K, CML, API, BS2915, KTA). The parent company is certified according to DIN-EN ISO 9001:2008.