Process Safety

REMBE® manufactures a variety of protection products for pressure and vacuum relief applications. Rupture discs for standard and customized applications are our specialty. In addition, ELEVENT® breather valves offer protection for low pressure applications. For rupture discs and panels for explosion protection applications, see explosion protection.

The latest production technologies are used for the production of our rupture discs: laser, micro-slitting and welding are all combined with precision tooling to provide you with precision-crafted rupture discs or panels, whether “off the shelf” or customized for your specific application.

REMBE®’s recent production extension enables even more efficient manufacturing by utilizing computer-controlled, multi-axial laser technology machinery, offering the highest precision within our industry. State-of-the-art hydro-forming processes guarantee superior quality in our rupture discs, every time. In addition, we have reviewed and streamlined our production processes to enable trouble-free automated and individual production.

REMBE® has extensive raw material in stock, including materials required to be used in specialized applications, such as Stainless Steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, Aluminum, Tantalum, Titanium, Gold, FEP, etc. Upgraded delivery is available in most cases. Call orcontact us with your special needs today.

KUB® Rupture Discs for Pressure and Vacuum Relief

Other Rupture Discs for Conventional and Special Applications; Breather Valves

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