C-LEVER® Direct

Extensive research with leading universities has resulted in innovative approaches to measuring bulks and solids. The latest development, the C-LEVER® direct flow meter, for which patent is pending, sets the standard in the field of bulk flow control. The C-LEVER® measurement procedure has been optimized to be an extremely precise and reliable measuring system, based on the laws of centripetal force, a unique approach to measuring systems.

System description

The C-LEVER® direct flow meter is characterized by high measurement accuracy. The product line offerings are suited to a wide variety of applications, from truck pre-loading to controlling and dosing in the bulk goods processing industry. The compact design and low overall height enables space-saving applications and reduced time.

  • Friction Compensation Technology operates without drives or other mechanically moving parts, which means less maintenance.
  • Measurement accuracy is independent of bulk density.
  • Intelligent sensor arrangement ensures great stability of the zero point, in the event of adhesions.
  • Dustproof housing allows flow to continue even when the system is switched off during installation.
  • High precision in measuring means optimized production control.

How does it work?

Bulk and solids are fed via a special intake with optimum feed point and are diverted over a radial-shaped sensor surface. According to Newton’s Laws, a counteracting centripetal force, directed toward the center, of the same magnitude as the outward centrifugal force is created by this radial movement, thus keeping the bulk product on its circular path. The counteracting force corresponds to the centripetal one, which is an absolute linear relationship with the throughput and is measured by a special friction compensated force sensor. Accuracies of up to 0.2% are achievable. *

*All specified accuracies are related to the full scale reading at calibrated flow rate.

C-LEVER® Options:

C-LEVER® direct Heavy-Duty (HD), for the measurement of bulk and solids with very high flow rates, such as truck pre-loading or for incoming goods inspections. Trucks are loaded and/or unloaded with high accuracy.

C-LEVER® direct Precision (PRE), for the measurement of bulk and solids in the fields of flow metering, filling, dosage and/or controlling.

C-LEVER® direct FoodPharma (FP), for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Allows for quick and easy cleaning when manufactured product changes. Prevents product contamination.                                                                                                          

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