Q-BIC® Explosion Suppression System Optimized for Individual Requirements

  • Proven technology
  • Safe and effective isolation of big pipes > DN 300 (12”) and rectangular shafts
  • Detection via bursting disc or optionally via a redundant detector
  • Explosion suppression system optimized for individual requirements.

The Q-BIC® suppression system is suitable for indoor applications where enclosures cannot be vented to the outside and where flameless venting isn’t an option. It extinguishes the explosion at the point where it occurs.

Combustions are identified and suppressed when the chemical dry powder mixture is “blown” into the endangered area, extracting the heat and inerting the explosion.

The Q-BIC® explosion suppression system is especially recommended in difficult-to-protect circumstances such as large-duct diameters or large rectangular shafts.



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